White Power

Trump attended the Army/Navy game in Philadelphia where Ben Franklin famously said they just created a Republic if you can keep it. The crowd went crazy. They clapped and clapped and clapped as directed by their superiors which gave Trump the much needed stroking he’s been craving for months. He imparted great wisdom to the players by telling them to “Make a Fortune.” Two smug, white cadets in uniform clearly displayed the white power symbol above a black cadet’s head in uniform on national television while the racist con president flipped the coin to start the game, wearing a MAGA hat because why not? Trump! Trump! Trump!

The white power sign (the “OK” hand symbol) is now listed as a symbol of hate.

White supremacists have already committed at least 73 murders since Charlottesville.

Trump’s lackey, Senator Lindsey Graham, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has invited Rudy Giuliani to come testify about his recent trip to Ukraine. He said, “I am trying to give a pretty clear signal I have made up my mind. I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here.” He accused the House Democrats of weaponizing impeachment and called whole thing a crock. That would get you kicked off a jury in real life but he’s a white man with an awful lot of power so in your face, America.

Kamala Harris is on the Senate Judiciary Committee so bring it on.

Will Hurd, one of the only black Republican members of Congress said that you can vote against impeachment and still disagree with some of the behavior. He’s a former CIA officer. He took the same oath to the constitution to do both jobs. He upheld it for the first job but doesn’t plan on doing it for the second job. That’s like going from being a fire fighter and saving people from burning buildings, no questions asked, to being a police officer who responds to a domestic violence call and is greeted at the door by a woman who has been badly beaten with blood all over her clothes and saying, “Well, I wasn’t here to see what actually happened so I’ll be on my way.” He’s resigning and says he’s considering running for president in 2024. In the meantime his next career should be evangelical preacher — those guys can justify anything.

Evangelical cult logic on impeachment — if God put Trump in office the Devil can’t take him out.

God is white.

“Hey Republicans. We get it. It sucks that your oath of office puts you between a rock & a hard place, between the Constitution & the unconstitutional acts of a President from your own Party. So… Take it up with Trump. And then do your fucking job.” — Ron Asher

Rookie Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey had a meeting with Trump and voila! He is switching to the Republican party over impeachment. Good luck finding any job after getting your pathetic ass kicked in 2020, Jeff.

“If members of Congress are looking only to November 2020 and not to their eventual obituary, well, then they’re viewing not just this vote but the U.S. presidency through a light that is not just dim but pitch black which is what it looks like, I suppose, when you close your eyes.” — Jake Tapper

It’s Sunday morning in America. Mega church snake (Jesus for sale) oil salesman Joel Osteen blocked the mother of a child killed at Sandy Hook. It’s been 7 years since those precious babies were slaughtered at school and not a damn thing has been done in Congress or in mega churches even though those precious babies were all white.

It’s Christmas time in America and Fox’s Jeanine Pirro interviewed Bleeding Gums Eric and his gold digging wife, what’s her face, giving them credit for making it safe to say “Merry Christmas” again.

Fox News is dreaming of a white Christmas.

Everybody is old enough to remember that it’s always been safe to say “Merry Christmas” at Christmas time in America, even Fox News viewers if they thought about it, but they don’t so they believe they haven’t been able to say “Merry Christmas” because of the liberals.

After Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign started giving away rolls of Christmas wrapping paper with Mitch McConnell’s head in a Santa hat to anyone who made a donation over $25, Democrats launched their own gift wrap sale with, “Just Say Nyet to Moscow Mitch” printed on it.

Merry Christmas!

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