White Supremacist Vigilantes Rule

Who radicalized Kyle Rittenhouse?

It was a great day for white supremacist vigilantes and scared, impotent white men on Friday as their white boy folk hero, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on ALL CHARGES by a jury of his peers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse went looking for trouble at a Black Lives Matter protest with an AR-15 and he found it but he won’t be held accountable for anything. He walked. Kyle Rittenhouse got away with murder and inspired white supremacist vigilantes to do the same. Domestic terrorism has now become sanctioned by the state of Wisconsin under the guise of “self defense.” Now racists can take their AR-15s to Black Lives Matter protests and start blowing libtards away LEGALLY in Wisconsin.

Right after the verdict was announced, Kyle Rittenhouse merchandise went up for sale, legal funds were created in his name, and social media apps blew up. Scared, impotent white boy Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn posted a video of himself sitting in his car praising Kyle Rittenhouse. He told his followers that they have the right to defend themselves. He said, “Be armed, be dangerous.” Then he offered Kyle Rittenhouse and internship. So did fellow white supremacist congress members Matt Gaetz and Paul Gosar.

Paul Gosar suggested Kyle Rittenhouse get a Congressional Medal of Honor for killing 2 Black Lives Matter protesters.

Florida state legislator Anthony Sabatini tweeted: The next Congress must pass legislation proclaiming November 19th “Kyle Rittenhouse Day,” a new Federal Holiday

The mainstream media white washed their coverage by framing the Rittenhouse trial as a case about “gun rights” and “self defense.” WRONG. This was a case about white animus triumphing over Black grievance which ended in the legalization of white supremacist vigilantism. Some say the justice system failed. WRONG. The system worked exactly as it was designed to — Rittenhouse’s legal defense, the biased judge, and the 90% white jury worked together to protect and uphold white supremacy. As a result, more people are going to die in the streets because of this verdict. The victims in this case were white supporters of Black Lives Matter. They were in the streets protesting a cop shooting and paralyzing a Black driver (who by the way, has never been charged with anything and is still on the police force.) Message to white allies: White supremacists are coming for you, too.

White supremacists have just been given a green light by the legal system to cross a new line: murdering white people in the name of white supremacy. White supremacists have been murdering people of color who have gotten in their way or threatened their whiteness for centuries. Now they have new prey — white people who get in their way and threaten their pristine, fragile whiteness.

“Kyle Rittenhouse went to an active protest with an AR because he wanted conflict. He found it, and he killed people. And because the American justice system wants people like him to be able to do things like this, he now walks free.” — Rashad Robinson

“Today’s verdict means there is no accountability for the person who murdered our son. It sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people.” — Family of Anthony Huber

“Rittenhouse won’t be the last of the shooters. It remains to be seen if this is even Rittenhouse’s last shooting.” — Walter Shaub

“…… The idea that other vigilantes could take it upon themselves to shoot innocent people to death the way Rittenhouse did and get away scott free is incompatible with the survival of a civilized, law-based society.” — Laurence Tribe

“There are written and unwritten rules about guns and violence in America. The written rules are broken, allowing guns to be brought where they don’t belong. The unwritten rule is that only certain kinds of white men are allowed to bring them and live to tell about it. The verdict was a foregone conclusion once the judge said you couldn’t examine why or how Rittenhouse was there, and how he provoked the violence. And the unwritten rule, of course, is that if he hadn’t been a white conservative vigilante, things would have gone…differently. Combine this with the MAGA culture of policing in America, and what you get is a pervasive threat of guns everywhere you look, and only white supremacist violence receives both formal and informal state sanction. None of this is new, of course. It has been this way since before the Civil War, and has been the overt paradigm since the vigilante terrorist dismantling of Reconstruction.” — David Atkins

Kyle Rittenhouse trial take-aways: 1) It’s OK to shoot and kill people you don’t like as long as you say you did it in self defense, 2) All lonely, misunderstood, angry, immature, horny, aggrieved white boys can go from shooting up their schools with AR-15s to shooting people at protests AND GET AWAY WITH IT as long as they say it was in self defense, 3) If you try to grab a gun out of a white vigilante’s hands at a protest you can get killed if the shooter feels threatened . If you try and stop an active shooter with your bare hands and he kills you, the hero of the story will be the shooter, not you. 4) “Self defense” has a new definition. It used to mean kill or be killed. Now it means kill if you feel threatened, 5) Peaceful protesters will start showing up packing for legitimate self defense. Guns will be everywhere which will deter people from showing up at all because they’re not going to want to take a chance on getting shot.

White supremacist vigilante mission accomplished — show up and speak up and we’ll kill you, so don’t show up at all.

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