Whites Only

Spike Dolomite
4 min readAug 31, 2020

Trump plans on going to Kenosha tomorrow even though the mayor, governor and attorney general have formally asked him not to. He’s going to do it anyway to whip up more violence. That’s the only reason.

Mayor Wheeler of Portland ripped Trump a new one on TV. He pretty much called him a racist son of a bitch and blamed him for all of the hate not only in his city, but the entire country. He told him to STAY OUT of Portland, “You’ve tried to divide us more than any other figure in modern history and now you want me to stop the violence you helped create. What America needs is for you to be stopped so that we can come back together as one America.”

Elizabeth Neumann, a former Homeland Security official, said Trump is letting right wing extremists “start a race war” to help him. She said that more people have been killed by white supremacists in the US than every other domestic terrorism threat combined.

An evangelical crowdfunding website, “Give, Send, Go,” is raising money for white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse for his legal defense. They have raised over $265,000 so far. Three cheers for the white Republican Jesus! Hip Hip Defray! Hip Hip Defray! Hip Hip Defray!

Trump is totally freaking out again. Nobody around him has dared stop him from tweeting. He tweeted 89 times between midnight and 8 am Sunday. He was up all night posting about conspiracy theories, claiming that there was some sort of coup against him, supporting white supremacists and Kyle Rittenhouse, calling for the imprisonment of Governor Cuomo, and spreading more misleading information about the coronavirus such as the death toll numbers have been inflated to hurt him.

Where are the Republicans? Pushing out a unified message that we need law and order, fueling chaos and inciting violence.

Congressman Steve Scalise tweeted: No police. Mob rule. Total chaos. That’s the result of the Democrat agenda. Ask yourself: Is this what you want in your town next?

Whites only.

Trump is the white grievance president. White supremacists are organizing online and starting trouble in liberal cities to create a need for “law and order” so Trump’s Secret Police can move in and make things worse. Create mayhem and violence and blame it on the anarchist leftist Democrats. If a few liberals get shot and killed, that would be great.

Nobody makes the case for the killings of peaceful protesters to benefit Trump politically better than Kellyanne Conway — “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order.”

Trump wanted another civil war and he got it.

One of Trump’s many Sunday tweets: When is Slow Joe Biden going to criticize the Anarchists, Thugs & Agitators in ANTIFA? When is he going to suggest bringing up the National Guard in BADLY RUN & Crime Infested Democrat Cities & States? Remember, he can’t lose the Crazy Bernie Super Liberal vote!

The Republican party is for whites only. Right after 9/11 happened they recognized that it had to become more inclusive or it would die. It chose to stay closed to everybody but white people and has been dying a slow death until Trump came along and pulled the plug. This is the end of the Republican Party but will it be the end of America too?

The Democrats are the north and the Republicans are the south in Trump’s civil war.

“Can anybody make a credible case that if these Republicans had been around in 1776, that we would not be celebrating the Queen’s birthday today?…… Maybe we should not be surprised by their cowardice. Maybe we should instead remember just how unusual courage is……The 2020 election is the most dangerous period in American history since the Civil War.” — Stuart Stevens

Joe Biden condemned violence in Portland while Trump blamed “radical left” Democrats.

The civil unrest in America’s cities right now is a byproduct of the collapsing state, not the cause of it.

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” — President Donald J. Trump

The hatred in America can’t be defeated until Trump is defeated.

64 days until we get to vote.

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