Who Benefits?

Spike Dolomite
3 min readMay 30, 2023
What did Junior and What’s Her Face get for this pose?

The Fiscal Responsibility Act will be voted on by the House tomorrow and the deadline has been moved to June 5. It extends the debt ceiling for 2 years. There are no changes to Medicaid, Social Security or Medicare, Biden’s programs are safe, and the expansion of SNAP outweighs the cuts. MAGA repugs are pissed even though most of them don’t understand what the debt limit is. Biden gave on limits to federal spending — take funding from IRS and change work requirements for benefits for food stamps.

Kevin McCarthy went on Fox and Friends to stroke Trump and MAGAs a little bit. He said, “One thing I do know America loves is they love those Trump policies … and we yearn for that.” They love Trump policies? They love government kidnapping children, hundreds of thousands dead from COVID, secret police targeting protesters, friendly relationships with Kim Jong Un, Putin, and Duarte, denying press access while using Fox as a propaganda tool, promising to kill Obamacare, denying Muslims entry into the US, hostility towards immigrants, encouraging violence, misogyny, tax cuts for the wealthy, inciting white nationalist demonstrations, disrespecting the dead, putting our military in harm’s way, profiting from the presidency, and plotting to overthrow the government. Yes. McCarthy’s people are fine with these policies. White people are cool with all of it because Trump benefits their whiteness.

Russia has issued an arrest warrant for Senator Lindsey Graham. Government officials and the media have called for his assassination because he’s rooting for Ukraine.

Lindsey Graham used $350,000 of his campaign money to pay lawyers to try and get him out of testifying in Fulton County.

9 people (including 3 kids) were shot in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Permitless carry became law in April. The mayor of Hollywood downplayed it, like the mayor of Amity Island about a shark attack, by saying people got caught in the crossfire of a targeted attack as if that makes it all better and people should go ahead and go back in the water.

A 2 year old was shot in the head at a day care in Utah.

Families weren’t happy that Trump held a Saudi-funded golf tournament near the Pentagon for three days over the Memorial Day weekend. They called it an insult to the memory of those killed in the attacks. When asked about it, Trump blew them off.

Lauren Boebert took a selfie of herself praying in a veterans cemetery with a God Bless America post on Memorial Day. The only thing that was missing was her AR-15.

Ty Cobb, one of Trump’s original lawyers and defenders, predicts that Trump is going to jail.

Hundreds of people are in jail because of Trump.

Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins got sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison. Jessica is transgender. Leading followers into the Capitol on January 6 and then going to jail for it isn’t good for her as a trans person as she is already relentlessly vilified and exploited for political purposes. She did this to herself.

Speaking of trans people, they and their fellow members of the LGBTQ community are getting the hell out of Florida. They don’t feel safe there. For many who have lived in the closet for decades, and are finally happy living their authentic selves, being threatened by the government is an attempt to push them back in the closet and they’re not willing to do that. They have spent a substantial amount of their lives feeling unwanted, unloved, not being accepted, and not belonging. Florida makes laws telling them that they were right.

Florida is losing LGBTQs and immigrants after making hostile laws targeting them. Who’s next? Circumcised boys? Isn’t circumcision considered genital mutilation? Will the State come for all of the boys like in the Old Testament? After all, it’s right there in the Bible.



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