Trump is at Walter Reed Hospital because now he’s sick with the coronavirus. He was transported yesterday afternoon after the markets closed. The White House made sure he got to the hospital before he had to be carried out because optics optics optics. Trump made a short video before departing and said he was doing fine then made a choreographed walk out on to the south lawn wearing a suit. He boarded Marine Force One unassisted. Optics. Neither the White House nor the Walter Reed medical team have done any press briefings to inform the country of what is going on. The public is in the dark regarding the health of their president and who is actually running the country. He is staying in a presidential suite and has with him his staff, including a chef, so he can keep “working.” Mike Pence has not been given power to serve in his stead because Trump won’t relinquish power. He brought the nuclear codes with him. He’s receiving the best medical care in the world, including an experimental antibody cocktail that’s not available to the 30,000 Americans lying in hospital beds right now, compliments of the American taxpayer while the fate of the tax payer funded ACA insurance hangs in the balance. We’re paying for his health care while he tries to take ours away. The next 5–10 days will be critical. Given his age and poor health, he has a 5–11% chance of dying.

If Trump gets really sick or dies, Pence takes over. If Pence gets sick or dies, Nancy Pelosi takes over.

The Gang of 8 has not been briefed. There has been no transparency. We are in the midst of a national security crisis. Who’s in charge?

We wouldn’t know that Trump had the coronavirus and was being treated in the hospital if it weren’t for Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs who broke the story about Hope Hicks having it. Because of their propensity to lie about EVERYTHING, people doubted at first whether it was true or not. Many thought it was a made for TV political stunt.

Turns out the Supreme Court event in the Rose Garden a week ago to announce Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Amy Coney Barrett, was a super spreader event. More irony — a tax payer funded party to celebrate someone who the Republicans have picked to take health insurance away from 20 million Americans. Kellyanne Conway was there and has tested positive. Republican Senator Thom Tillis has got it. Senator Mike Lee too. He sits on the Senate Judiciary committee which will conduct the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett. They’ve been very cozy lately so don’t be surprised if she turns up with it. Bill Stepien, Trump’s new campaign manager, has got it. So does the RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. The president of Notre Dame, Fr. John Jenkins, tested positive. A White House staffer and 4 White House reporters have it. All of these top government officials make up a large infection cluster at the highest level of the US government (only the important people have been counted. Drivers, military personnel, servers, cleaning staff, etc, who got infected from this single event don’t count. They never count.) Amy Coney Barrett brought her 7 kids to the event. Let’s hope they don’t make the count.

Senator Ron Johnson has it. He wasn’t at the garden party but he more than likely got it from somebody who was. He is on record for saying that the US over reacted to the pandemic.

Secret Service agents are pissed because they say that Trump’s people haven’t tested them since August after they get back from being forced to work MAGA rallies.

If Mitch pushes Amy Coney Barret’s nomination through he will be putting lives at risk which is something he would totally do.

The Republicans attended this event and thumbed their noses at Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the CDC, Democrats, and the American people. Then they contracted the virus and put both the executive branch and the legislative branch at significant risk, then got on airplanes and flew all over the country to spread it all over. This is a disaster of their own making. Everybody who was there should quarantine themselves but they won’t because they’re Republicans and don’t give a shit about anybody.

At least 11 positive coronavirus tests can be traced back to the debate in Cleveland. One of Biden’s guests is terrified. She sat in the front row next to the Trump family who refused to wear masks. Her father died of the coronavirus. She’s pissed.

This national emergency was entirely preventable if Trump, his staff, family, and the Republicans had followed CDC guidelines.

White House aides say that testing protocols have been sporadic and loose. People go in and out after traveling and are tested randomly or not at all. Tests are not always accurate. It’s pure chaos right now. The White House is a hot spot and this morning masks are still voluntary. Who’s in charge?

Some guy named Greg Gutfeld went on Fox to spin Trump’s stupidity and arrogance as patriotic sacrifice. “It goes back to his original point about trying to make sure that the positive attitude is maintained, along with a sense of concern. So he took the risk, he got the virus, but he was doing it for us.”

Biden took his negative ads down. Trump did not.

“The President did not ‘catch’ coronavirus. He IGNORED the advice of doctors, MOCKED the science, put himself in RISKY situations and once exposed, he refused to self Quarantine and ENDANGERED the lives of hundreds of people around him.” — Mikel Jollett

31 days until we get to vote.

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