Who’s Running the Country?

Trump didn’t call Pence to see if he was OK Wednesday night and he hasn’t called him since. The president and vice president have not spoken since the insurrection.

Pence says he’ll consider the 25th amendment if Trump gets more unstable. MORE unstable? Pence has been so loyal to Trump for 4 years and in return he sent his MAGA army to kill him.

Trump was calling senators to pressure them to sign on to overturning the election while they were trapped in the Capitol fearing for their lives.

While Congress members were all in lockdown together the Democrats and police wore masks, but many Republicans refused to even when offered one. They were all together in close quarters enjoying life saving police protection but refused to wear masks to protect the Democrats and the police during a deadly pandemic. Even at a critical breaking point in US democracy Republicans are caught on video being total pricks.

Newly elected Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the pricks refusing a mask on video. After it was all over she posted on her Parler account that she needs her followers’ phone numbers and emails because of “The Great Purge” since Trump has been banned from social media. She said it may come to her not being able to stay in touch with them any other way. Her followers are so stupid they’re doing it.

Republicans are more upset about Trump getting kicked off Twitter than they are about insurrection. They’re pointing to a private business, saying they can’t deny service based on the first amendment but are totally cool with bakers denying service to a gay couple wanting to order a wedding cake based on the first amendment.

“Even those who oppose Trump should see the danger of having a small and unelected group with the power to silence and erase anyone. And their actions will only stoke new grievances that will end up fueling the very thing they claim to be trying to prevent.” — Marco Rubio

Trump has not been censored. He has a briefing room and press corps at his disposal 24/7.

Trump and the Republicans are trying to take attention away from the insurrection, death and arrests by making Silicon Valley aka “Big Tech” the villain for cutting Trump off. Free speech! Censorship!

Republicans are calling for unity but not justice. If they called for justice then they might be investigated so let’s “move on.”

Trump incited a riotous coup and ignited a deadly pandemic AT THE SAME TIME and Republicans are still defending him.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Republicans have used the words “radical” and “dangerous” to demonize Democrats. Democrats didn’t try to overthrow the government.

Larry Randall Brock Jr, an Air Force combat veteran, was one of MAGAs who broke into the Senate. He was wearing his combat helmet and carrying zip ties.

After the head of the Seattle police union blamed BLM for the takeover of the Capitol, several members of the Seattle Police Department got outed for being there.

Amanda Chase, a state senator in Virginia, spoke at Trump’s Stop the Steal rally. She has threatened to shoot gun control activists and blames rape victims for not packing when they were raped. She has carried her gun inside the Capitol. Facebook suspended her account.

Anti-maskers’ stupidity extends beyond spreading and getting a deadly virus. Not wearing masks during their “revolution” revealed their ugly stupid faces.

Somebody by the name of “Rosalind” posted on Parler that Trump will pardon any of the “patriots” who stormed the Capitol. All they have to do is submit their name and all their personal information and she’ll get back to them. MAGAs will do it because they’re that stupid.

The Houston Chronicle has called for Ted Cruz’s resignation. Ted says inciting violence is not the same as actually committing violence.

Wisconsin’s largest paper, Journal Sentinel, has called for Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Scott Fitzgerald’s resignations and if they refuse, they want them expelled.

The National Association of Manufacturers is calling for Trump’s removal from power.

Still no briefing by the Capitol Police which looks really really bad. People are assuming the worst, that it was an inside job, which really sucks for the heroes that weren’t part of the coup and saved lives.

Nobody is running the country.

10 more days until we have someone running the country.

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