Today is a national holiday. It’s Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday. To commemorate it, every time a meme of an inspirational quote by MLK passes through your newsfeed remember that MLK called out white moderates who considered themselves to be anti-racist but never put themselves on the line to call racism out. He said those who do nothing were the greatest hindrance to progress. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, don’t’ post a meme. Go yell at racists.

Mike Pence quoted a passage from MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech and likened it to Trump because Trump has inspired us to change and become a more perfect union. All together now, let’s all yell at that kiss ass, pasty white opportunist without any nostrils who married his mother. That guy. That guy is one creepy white guy.

Mike Pence looks at Trump the way Trump looks at Putin.

Trump won’t be participating in any events for MLK today, he’s going to be too busy tweeting and yelling at the TV. He’ll tweet something inappropriate about the civil rights icon, for sure. Something like “If MLK hadn’t been shot and were alive today he’d LOVE me.”

“But for now, as you weigh our circumstances and likely outcomes, always remember, it is not just bad character or greed or evil at work here………..though they too are all present. It is that our president is also just plain dumb” — David Rothkopf

The shitty teenager from Covington Catholic High School has spoken. He didn’t do it and he will not tolerate the character assassination of him and his family. His mom has spoken too. She says he didn’t do it. Black Muslims did it. That kid could grow up to be a Supreme Court justice who will yell at the Senate some day.

Poor shitty teenager — he obviously has spoiled white male privileged disorder syndrome where nothing can ever be his fault. He was born with it. The only cure is kicking the patriarchal chair at the front of the room right out from underneath him. Don’t yell at him, though. You’ll hurt his feeling.

Defenders of the shitty teenagers are more upset that the identities of the privileged white boys were released than they are about what they actually did. Those kids could grow up to be Republican members of congress one day.

“Today we memorialize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., assassinated for trying to heal this nation of endemic racism while white people fall all over themselves excusing the actions of white teens whose parents sent them to school wearing today’s version of KKK hoods” — Victoria Brownworth

One of the priests at the elementary school that feeds into Covington High School, Fr. Phillip W. DeVous, took his Twitter account down after a tweet of his went viral this weekend: Why are women involved in feminist and antifem causes so dreadful looking? One suspects the attractive have better things to do.

Fr. Frank Pavone, is the National Director for Priests for Life, an in your face right to life group. He thinks the lesson of the Covington Catholic shitty kid “incident” should be to teach us that we should all take a hard look at abortion and praise the students for protesting it. A couple of days ago he tweeted: Honest to God, I am really sick of these caravans. What in the world is this? Just come and push your way into the country? And all of this just happening by itself? Thank you, Donald Trump, for standing firm against the un-American Democrat party. #MAGA.

Who’s yelling at these shitty priests? Anybody?

Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell hasn’t said a word about the shitty Catholic kids from his state. He hasn’t said anything about letting the Senate vote on re-opening the government either. Today is Day 31 of the Trump Shutdown. Come on everybody, YELL!

Mitch McConnell’s staff tweeted out something shallow and condescending about MLK, calling for mutual respect, harmony and brotherhood. Mitch doesn’t tweet so he won’t be reading all of the tweets back at him yelling at him to open the damn government.

Mitch McConnell looks at Trump the same way that indifferent white moderates looked at Dr. Martin Luther King — to hell with you, what about me?

It’s MLK’s birthday so go yell at racists. Don’t punch them though. We’re not supposed to punch each other. MLK said that. It’s a meme.

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