Yo, Yo! We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and the idiot president congratulated the great state of Kansas on their win in a tweet.

Twitter went nuts:

“It’s Missouri you stone cold idiot.” — Former Missouri US Senator Claire McCaskill

“Can’t believe the Deep State put Kansas City in MISSOURI just to embarrass Trump.” — Judd Legum

“News analysis: ‘Democrats argued that Kansas City is in Missouri. But they failed to convince Republicans that it is not in Kansas.’” Ben Rhodes

“By tomorrow morning Senate Republicans will be asserting that Kansas City is, in fact, in Kansas.” — some guy on Twitter

“Can someone today please ask Donald Trump what state the Statue of Liberty is in?” — David Corn

Trump deleted his tweet and made a new one with Missouri (spelled correctly, everybody clap for the president!) after he found out people were making fun of him.

Sean Hannity’s big interview with Trump during the Super Bowl pre-game show amounted to Trump drilling down on the same old talking points — radical left, Nancy Pelosi this, Nancy Pelosi that, Bernie Sanders is a communist, and whining about impeachment. The whole thing has been really hard on his family. They have really suffered. Which family? Trump doesn’t give a shit about any of them. He forgot the Third Lady’s name (it’s not Melanie) and golfs every weekend without ever taking his youngest son. They don’t even live with him. Trump isn’t anymore a family man than he is a president or a decent person.

The people of Kansas and Missouri need to remember this in November. He couldn’t find Kansas or Missouri on a map and he doesn’t give a shit about either.

Shakira and J-Lo danced during halftime and the sexually repressed horny hypocritical conservatives went nuts because they found it obscene and J-Lo is too old.

Right wing talking head Charlie Kirk mansplained for sports fans what they just saw: The NFL claims they are taking a stand against sex trafficking yet they have a halftime show degrading and objectifying women with pole dancing A horrendous example to the millions of young women across the world.

Young Charlie equated famous, hugely successful Latina dancers with sex trafficking.

The Iowa caucus is today. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is so afraid of losing to a Democrat that she threatened voters with Republicans going even further than not impeaching a treasonous president by promising to impeach a Democratic president because _____________ (doesn’t matter.) She said that Republicans will immediately push to impeach Joe Biden over his work in Ukraine if he wins.

“The president’s party, instead of being a check on an individual’s impulses and ambitions, has become an instrument of them.” — Historian Jon Meacham

Tomorrow night Trump will deliver the State of the Union address. Does America have the stomach for this? We just got dragged through a sham impeachment “trial” and now we’re going to have to listen to him do a MAGA rally on the floor of the House? He’s a criminal. He broke the law, got caught, covered it up, hid evidence, tampered with the jury, tampered with witnesses, got impeached, and threatened and bribed senators. He’s going to shit all over the Constitution inside the Capitol with all of Congress and the Supreme Court justices present on national television and walk off where he’ll retire to his room in the White House and watch it all over again on TV because he can’t get enough of himself.

“Is the impeached President of the United States — a man who trashes our constitution, fuels conflict, constantly lies, welcomes election interference, obstructs Congress and Justice — really about to enter the House chamber and tell us about the state of our nation?” — Steven Beschloss

I am watching the State of the Union. There is a statistically significant possibility that Trump will stroke out/have a massive coronary and if that happens I want to see it on live television.” — Claude Taylor

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