Day 4 — War in Ukraine

Spike Dolomite
4 min readFeb 27, 2022

Day 4 of the war in Ukraine. Russian banks have been disconnected from the SWIFT international banking system. This not only cripples Putin’s ability to finance his war, but It will stop Russia from operating worldwide, block Russian exports and imports, and paralyze the assets of Russia’s central bank. This is going to really suck for Republican fundraising. Putin owns many of them.

Lithuania banned all Russian aircraft from its airspace. Airlines have stopped code sharing with Russia’s airline.

Russia asked its ally Kazakhstan for help and they said no. Kazakhstan used to be part of Russia. They share a long border.

NATO has activated its NATO Response Force. This is the first time that the alliance has put a 40,000 person force in position as “deterrence and defense.”

Google and YouTube have cut off ad revenue for multiple Russian state channels, including the state funded media outlet RT.

Things aren’t going as planned for Putin. The Ukrainians are putting up a hell of a fight. He lost more troops in Ukraine in 3 days than the US lost in Afghanistan in 20 years. People all around the world are in the streets in support of Ukraine. Russians are speaking out against their own dictator.

He’s losing his grip so he has put his nuclear deterrent forces on alert.

Israel offered to mediate and broker a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian state TV is portraying Putin’s war as successful, claiming that the Ukrainians are surrendering and that it is only a limited engagement. They’re playing clips of Trump supporting Putin to justify the invasion. They’re also using old clips of Fox and the Republicans praising Putin as an endorsement for the war. The Russians are using American traitors in their propaganda campaign.

“Putin did not expect such robust pushback from Ukraine. He thought it was going to be as easy as when he annexed the GOP.” — Cheri Jacobus

What will become of the GOP and the NRA without a regular infusion of rubles?

Thousands of Romanians are driving to the border to pick up refugees and offer them a ride and a place to stay.

Poland is welcoming Ukrainian refugees with their kids and pets, with or without documents.

The US offered to evacuate President Zelensky from Ukraine to the US but he won’t leave. He’s going to stay and fight. “I need ammunition, not a ride.” Zelensky is showing the world what real leadership looks like. He’s right there with his people, standing up to a dictator.

In contrast, Trump hid in the White House bunker during a Black Lives Matter protest and sicced the National Guard and his secret police on them.

Meanwhile in the US, the former president bows down to Putin, as usual. He is loving the attention he’s getting from the media asking him to comment on the invasion. As a former president, he shouldn’t do that but of course he does. He spoke at CPAC yesterday and complimented Putin for being “smart.” A few years ago attendants at CPAC walked around waving Russian flags with Trump’s name on them.

Republicans have made an about face on Putin and are now trying to erase everything that they have said and done in support of Putin to attack Biden for not being tough enough on Russia.

Republicans and the former United States president are criticizing their own president during war time.

Never forget that the Republican party has been praising Putin for the past 5 years. Every Republican but Mitt Romney voted NO on convicting Trump after being impeached for extorting Ukraine. They voted NO to sending military aid to Ukraine. And they opposed any investigation into Trump for being a Russian asset.

Citizens of Ukraine have taken up arms to protect their Capitol and democracy after the citizens of America took up arms to attack theirs.

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