What’s Your Citizenship Status?

Spike Dolomite
2 min readFeb 20, 2022


For every question you answer yes to, give yourself a point:

Do you vote in presidential elections?

Do you vote in primary elections?

Do you vote in local elections?

Have you read the Constitution?

Have you ever been to a town hall or city council meeting?

Have you been to a school board meeting?

Do you support public education?

Are you vaccinated?

Have you been to a protest?

Have you registered voters?

Have you had a face to face meeting with your representative?

Do you call and/or write your representatives?

Have you volunteered for a campaign?

Do you read books and newspapers?

Do you know what the Voting Rights Act is?

Do you know what the three branches of government are?

Have you ever run for office?

Have you been to the nation’s Capitol?

Have you been to your state capitol?

Can you pass this citizenship test? Click here.

Total your points then cut your score in half if you watch Fox News. Deduct 5 points if you’ve voted for a Republican in the past 10 years.

Your citizenship status:

16–20 points — Stellar Citizen. You have earned your right to complain but you probably won’t because you’re a person of action and will more than likely take your complaint and get it fixed.

11–15 points — Engaged Citizen. You’re a damn good American. Go ahead and complain without guilt because you’re doing your part.

6–10 points — Average Citizen. This is nothing to be proud of because average American citizens don’t do enough to protect our democracy. Stop complaining and get busy.

0–5 points — Lazy Shithead. You complain too much and don’t know what you’re talking about. Do better. America needs you.

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