Lawed Almighty

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMay 10, 2022

Meghan McCain’s book she wrote about her famous dad, the late senator John McCain, came out and it only sold a couple hundred copies in the first week. To help her sales, she posed for a picture with herself holding her baby behind her dad’s gravestone in Arlington Cemetery with a copy of her book propped up against it. It was so tacky and gross. She’s been in a Twitter war with John McCain’s former campaign advisor, Steve Schmidt, where he calls her out for being a spoiled brat who embarrassed her father and family and admitting to covering for him after he lied about an affair he had had with a lobbyist when he was running against Obama, and she called him a pedophile. The mighty have fallen and are getting dragged.

First Lady Jill Biden made an unannounced visit to Ukraine to meet with their First Lady who has been in hiding with her kids since the war started. The mighty are persevering.

School board candidate Andrew Wilhoite in Indiana won his Republican primary while sitting in jail after killing his wife after hitting her in the head with a flower pot and dumping her body in a creek because she wanted a divorce after she found out he had an affair while she was going through breast cancer treatment. He’s going to be on the ballot while in jail.

Marjorie Taylor Greene will remain on the November ballot after she lied her ass off in court. She participated in a coup, lied under oath about it for hours, and still gets to run for re-election.

Rudy Giuliani blew off testifying before the Select Committee because they wouldn’t let him film it. The mighty fell and will never get back up again.

Another teaser from former secretary of defense, Mark Esper’s book that comes out today: Trump wanted to court martial all of the retired four star generals who criticized him on TV.

15 million people have died from covid worldwide.

The House has passed 200 bills that would help make life better for everybody but they get shot down in the Senate because minority rules. Make Congress mighty again — vote out all of the Republicans.

The Select Committee has been quietly working with the DOJ to make sure their investigations don’t overlap. They’re working their way up the line by arresting members of the Oath Keepers for conspiracy against the United States as well as other counts. There is nothing mighty about these guys. They’re mighty in their own minds and are about to find out that reality is going to kick them and their fantasies in the white supremacist ass.

The third leader in the Oath Keepers, William Todd Wilson has pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy and is cooperating with the government.

The Oath Keepers have handed over phones. Hundreds of texts show the coordination between the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers before January 6. Until January 6 they had never hung out with each other or any other domestic terrorist groups that were at the Capitol that day such as the Three Percenters. They weren’t well organized but they did work together to storm the Capitol. Stewart Rhodes’ attorney, Jon Moseley says the Oath Keepers had a permit to provide security for Ali Alexander’s group (the Stop the Steal rally.) Trump was going to activate Rhodes and some of Moseley’s other clients as a militia under the insurrection act. They were planning on putting heavy weapons on a boat and take them into the District of Columbia via a river. Stewart Rhodes’ soon to be ex-wife believes he will want to go to trial because like Trump, he believes in his own greatness and will want to perform in court. Stewart Rhodes is a high and mighty sociopath.

Trump’s former White House doctor and current member of Congress in Texas, Ronny Jackson is wrapped up in the Oath Keepers’ troubles. He was communicating with them from inside the Capitol on January 6. Text messages reveal that he asked for their protection while inside the Capitol because he had “critical data” that needed to be guarded. The Select Committee would like to interview Ronny Jackson but he refuses. “I will not participate in the illegitimate Committee’s ruthless crusade against President Trump and his allies.” They’d like to talk to Mo Brooks and Andy Biggs as well but they’re not getting any cooperation from them or any other members of Congress which is mighty stupid of them so they’re going to start subpoenaing them.

Washington DC’s attorney general is suing the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers for damages that they caused against the city and police department on the day of the insurrection. This is the first civil lawsuit by a government entity against the insurrectionists.

“What you saw on January 6 was the command cell of the Oath Keepers… It’s quite possible that these people may have had capture and kill teams.” — Malcolm Nance

Human remains have been found in Lake Mead since the reservoir’s levels have sunk so low due to climate change. Lake Powell reservoir has dropped 100 feet. If it drops another 32 feet states in the southwest will have to choose between water and electricity.

Mighty earth is falling at the same pace as democracy and human decency.

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