Look At The Bright Side — At Least Trump Isn’t President

Spike Dolomite
4 min readMar 8, 2022

Putin has agreed to withdraw from Ukraine if the following conditions are met: Ukraine must not join NATO, it must recognize Crimea as a Russian territory and Donetsk and Luhanskas must be seen as independent states — the exact same plan that Paul Manafort, Konstantin Kilimnik, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn, and Trump were hired by Putin to fulfill.

This is Putin’s second invasion of Ukraine in 10 years. The first one was in Crimea. That war didn’t get as much attention because Zelensky wasn’t president at that time. 10,000 people were killed. The US put sanctions on Russia to punish them and Trump’s job was to get them lifted. Now that Trump is gone and Zelensky is president, Russia is being bombed by sanctions from countries all over the world.

Think if pro-Putin Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was still on the government payroll. Bright side! HE’S NOT.

Think if Trump wasn’t so stupid. Where would Ukraine be now? Where would America be now? Where would the world be now? Somebody got him to withhold military aid to Ukraine. Trump referred to Putin as a genius who respected him. He was very happy to have Putin’s help in “winning” the election even though he really didn’t want to be president but he never used his power once he was president to protect the country against further cyber attacks. He sided with Putin over his own intelligence over the cyber attacks before the election. He gave Putin, a sworn enemy, classified intelligence on the United States, putting America in very serious danger.

Trump the idiot is still trying to get attention by being so outrageous that the media can’t ignore him. He just told a room full of donors that we should take our F-22 planes and put the Chinese flag on them and bomb the shit out of Russia and blame it on China so the two of them could start fighting each other and everybody could sit back and watch.

Jim Jordan tweeted: Putin’s Kremlin is still allowed to tweet. But not President Trump.

Bill Barr’s book is available for sale. Because of his fame he’s getting invited to do all sorts of press events to help him sell information that he held on to so he could personally profit from it. He claims to have saved democracy but you’ll have to buy the book to find out how he did it. Don’t buy his stupid book. Take the $32 and send it to a Democrat’s campaign instead. That’s how we save democracy. In an interview yesterday he said that any Republican is better than any Democrat because it’s the radical “progressive agenda” that is the real danger. What’s so radical about Democrats? Is it their fight for civil rights for ALL Americans? Is it their fight for workers’ rights? Is it their fight to protect the earth and climate? Is it their fight to keep the government out of women’s personal lives? Is it their fight for affordable health care? Is it their fight to keep school children from being shot at school? Is it their fight for free child care so parents don’t have to spend a substantial amount of their paycheck just so they can work? Is it their fight for the Constitution, democracy and the rule of law? What is it? Do we have to buy the book to find out?

Marjorie Taylor Greene went out to dinner with Alex Jones and made a little video updating everyone on her latest bullshit. She’s suing Nancy Pelosi over mask fines. She’s been fined so many times for not wearing a mask on the House floor that she’s not getting a paycheck. Like Bill Barr, Marjorie is saving America from the Democrats, “They take the money straight out of my check. So I work for free in Congress because they take all my money away.” Poor Marge. Marge doesn’t work. That’s not why she’s poor though. She doesn’t work because she’s been stripped of all her commitments as a US member of Congress because she’s such an ass. All she does is show up and make a fool of herself. She doesn’t work outside of Congress either. That’s because her dad gave her his very successful business that he created and made prosperous. Like most Republicans, she takes credit for it and says she’s “earned” every bit of it.

The organizers of the traveling Canadian copycat truckers carnival known as the “People’s Convoy” is parked in Maryland right now waiting to meet with senators Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz so the two of them can be on Fox News tonight. They’ll talk about how the truckers are protesting their freedoms being taken away right at the time that Ukrainians are fleeing their country because their freedoms are being taken away.

Biden’s approval rating is up after his State of the Union speech and performance regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Perhaps Biden’s numbers are up as people think ‘Thank God Trump isn’t in office right now.’” — Steve Marmel

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