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Spike Dolomite
6 min readApr 12, 2022

While the Republicans and media are focused on Joe Biden’s son’s laptop again, Trump’s son in law just got $2 billion from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to “manage” in his new investment fund that he just threw together. He’s never managed money before. Just like other parts of his life, he was just handed a big bowl of money and told to “manage” it. He can play with that money and invest it in his and Trump’s properties and businesses plus he gets a cut for “managing” it. Is this payment for services rendered such as giving the Crown Prince US intelligence and helping him cover up the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi or is it a deposit for future services in case Trump gets back in power?

Jared went to Saudi Arabia at least 3 times during the Trump administration. One of those times was in secret. What was he taking part in?

The country that attacked us on 9/11 giving the son in law and former treasury secretary billions of dollars isn’t front page news but Hunter Biden’s laptop is. Jared news can be found in the back part of the paper, if at all.

Steve Mnuchin was in Saudi Arabia when the attack on the Capitol happened. He took one last unnecessary trip with staff to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Qatar, and the UAE in the last few days of the Trump presidency, costing taxpayers $300,000. What for? He was going to be out of a job in a matter of days. The Crown Prince gave him $1 billion from his petty cash fund to “manage.” Was it a thank you gift?

Joe Biden’s new rule that extends the definition of “firearm,” forces manufacturers of all build your own gun kits to give the parts serial numbers so they can be traced. Ghost guns too. He also nominated someone to lead the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.) He is a former US attorney and well qualified for the job. All but one of the heads of ATF have been temporary because the Senate won’t confirm anybody permanently because Republicans want that department to be as loosely controlled as possible.

The second insurrectionist who opted to go to trial rather than plead guilty was found guilty of all 6 counts including obstruction for his part in the attack on the Capitol which means he could get as much as 20 years in prison. He’s a former cop from a small town in Virginia. His name is Thomas Robertson and he’s an idiot. Will he realize that while he’s sitting in jail? Cops who go to jail have a pretty hard time on the inside.

Trump endorsed Dr. Oz for US Senate in Pennsylvania. The Republicans are freaking out because Trump is attempting to part the red see.

Up in Georgia, Republican US Senate candidate Herschel Walker, also endorsed by Trump, has been lying during his motivational speeches for years saying that he graduated in the top 1% of his University of Georgia class. The truth is he didn’t graduate at all. This is not a problem for the GOP, though. Lying about your education and background is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. In fact, they do it all the time! They don’t look at that part of a candidate’s resume. In fact, they don’t look at the resume at all! Make it up as you go along!

Mike Lindell got served a subpoena for a defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems at his own event as he was walking into the state Capitol in Colorado.

Unemployment is so low right now that businesses can’t find people to fill positions. Republicans still claim that illegal immigrants are pouring into the country and taking our jobs. That doesn’t register with their voters, though. They love hating on immigrants and ranting about them taking jobs that they don’t want.

Marjorie Taylor Greene called the cops on Jimmy Kimmel because he made a joke about her on his late night show.

In Texas, a 26 year old woman, Lizelle Herrera was charged with murder for having an abortion, put in jail and held on $500,000 bond. The Starr County DA ended up dismissing the charges but it’s happening. Women are being treated as murderers for making the heart wrenching decision of terminating a pregnancy that is nobody’s business but her own.

In Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn says her state wants a wall at the southern border (to keep Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia out?) State representative Gloria Johnson, a school teacher who ran for office after being tired of teachers and students being screwed over and won even though she was a Democrat, is the most hated member of the state legislature. She wasn’t given an actual office after she won her election, but was forced to work in a closet inside the capital. They gerrymandered her out of her own district by 2 blocks so she can’t run for re-election in her own district unless she moves. She’s a liberal hell raiser and they hate her guts. She is out there calling Republicans out. She tried getting representative David Byrd expelled for admitting that he molested three children but the Republicans are defending and protecting him.

At the federal level in Tennessee, Tea Party Republican US Congressman Scott DesJarlais, a doctor who is big on anti-abortion legislation even though he made sure that his mistress (one of his patients) had one is busy representing Republican Jesus in the House. Mistresses are sex toys, they weren’t created by Adam’s rib to be the sacred vessel meant to grow his sacred seed. But wait, his wife, who was meant to grow his sacred seed, had an abortion too. He pressured her into it, TWICE. He’s been married twice (during the trial for his divorce from his first wife in 2000, he admitted that he had sexual affairs with at least two patients, three coworkers and a drug representative while he was working as a hospital chief of staff) but that’s OK. God has forgiven him for wasting his sacred seed. He’s also one of the 126 Republicans in the House who contested the 2020 election. Trump is still his president. Another US Congressman from Tennessee, 57 year old John Rose, began grooming his now wife when she was just a young teenage girl in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) when he was her trusted adult advisor as well as the chairman of the state FFA at the time. He got her ripe and ready for him to legally take ownership of her by marrying her. It happens all the time in Tennessee. That’s why Marsha Blackburn doesn’t support equal rights for women like equal pay and family planning. You don’t need those things if you marry your new dad. Friendless Democratic state representative Gloria Johnson is screaming John Rose’s name from the rooftops in Tennessee. As a teacher and advocate for children, this repug has her good and mad. She’s got guts. Every time she goes into the state capital the goons go out of their way to remind her that she’s not welcome in these parts.

Meanwhile, on Tennessee’s northern border, Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky vetoed a Republican measure that would ban abortions after 15 weeks and regulate the dispensing of abortion pills because he’s a DEMOCRAT and will not let the state legislate a woman’s lady parts.

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