Shame on US

Spike Dolomite
4 min readJun 6, 2022

Former Trump White House adviser and spinner Peter Navarro was indicted by a grand jury on contempt of Congress charges for defying subpoenas from the House Select Committee. He was taken into custody at the airport. He was cuffed and taken to jail just like anybody else would be but he had a fit because he thought he deserved special treatment. Can you believe it? ME? He doesn’t think he needs a lawyer and will be representing himself. The judge kept advising him to get a lawyer but he won’t do it because don’t you know who I am? He wrote a book and he’s been on TV (confessing about the insurrection.) He blew off subpoenas by claiming executive privilege but you can’t do that if you’ve written a book and gone on TV and blabbed. The cops put him in the same cell that John Hinkley was put in, a guy who tried to assassinate a sitting president.

Congressman Louie Gohmert flipped out after Peter Navarro was arrested. “If you’re a Republican, you can’t even lie to Congress or lie to an FBI agent or they’re coming after you!”

Congressman Jamie Raskin of the Select Committee says the public hearings coming up will “blow the roof right off of the Capitol.” The first of six will be this Thursday, June 9 at prime time. One third of the country won’t tune in because they support the insurrection and believe that Trump not only won the election, but that he should be president for life. Another third are informed enough to understand how serious the attack was and will tune in to learn more. The rest are either indifferent or persuadable because they’re disengaged but not stupid. This is an important group. Those who aren’t politically active will hopefully watch to find out what happened. Democracy needs them to pay attention. We need them to vote. FOR DEMOCRATS.

There have been 300 guilty pleas so far. 800 have been charged. 2,500 people have been identified but haven’t been arrested yet. There are hundreds more who may luck out and never get caught.

What will it take for Trump’s cultists to break with him and stop supporting him? What does he have to do for them to say he’s gone too far? He knowingly let his own people die of a deadly plague that he not only didn’t do anything to combat, but he lied about the seriousness of it in order to help himself politically which made it spread. He deported, banned, and imprisoned thousands of non-white people and let them suffer and die in camps at the border. He gave national secrets away to our enemies. He destroyed institutions of government that will take decades to rebuild. He got Americans to hate each other. He let the Republicans run loose over our democracy. What else does he have to do for his devoted followers to say he’s gone too far? When he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters he wasn’t kidding.

On the day before the attack on the Capitol, Marc Short, Mike Pence’s chief of staff, told Tim Giebels, head of Secret Service, that the president will turn against the vice president and there could be a security risk.

On the day of the attack, Trump said that perhaps Mike Pence should be hanged. There was a noose and gallows set up outside of the Capitol and people inside were chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!” Mike Pence was forced to hide out in the garage under the Capitol with the Secret Service because he and his staff were denied access to his offices. Their security cards didn’t work.

Senator Chuck Grassley was prepared to count votes which means he had to know of their plan and be ready to take Mike Pence’s place.

On Thursday night, President Biden announced that there had been 20 mass shootings since Uvalde. 91 people had been shot and 19 had died. Over the weekend there were another 10 mass shootings. Over 60 were injured and 13 were killed.

The RNC sent strategy memos to candidates directing them to change the topic to anything else but Uvalde and gun control whenever asked about the shooting. Let the shooting run its course — talk about inflation and gas prices. People of America are stupid and they will forget so go for the tried and true talking points that remind people of how expensive things are so they can blame Biden. Recommended reading: Fox News, Breitbert and Washington Examiner. Pundit prep was to avoid mass shootings and focus on Joe Biden’s failed immigration record. Republicans take direction from the RNC which takes direction from the NRA.

American conservative political commentator, Ben Shapiro said that President Biden is only pretending to care about gun safety after children got shot at school. He called it “bad acting.” The reason so many kids are being shot is because “kids cannot carry guns.”

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